School food or home food


When eating your food, wouldn't you like for your food to be tasty?
Well kids in our school are going through some food problems. Our parents pay the school for our lunch, and kids expect for the food to be good or at least to be well cooked and not only them but also the parents who are paying. Neocities.


We would want healthy food that would be tasty and what's better than eating food that your mom can cook to you during at school than frozen food without salt and pepper. Bringing your parents at school and eat food they cook it a good idea. The plan would be something like, bringing multiple parents and from different cultures. Bring them into the lunchroom and have the food ready when the kids are ready to eat.

This plan will work 100% because kids will feel like they are home, they will no longer go through hunger and will get better grades because they will be able to concentrate during class. So bringing your parents to school to cook is a benefit for all.

Why scholl lunch is bad

  • The food is not well cooked
  • The food does not have taste
  • The food is always cold

Benifits of your parents cooking in school

  • You will feel like home
  • You will be able to focus in class
  • You will know exacly what you are eating
  • Your parents will somehow make something out of it
  • You will eat helthier